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Accent RF is usually priced according to which body area is being treated. Careful explanation, good technique and mutual communication during the session is what's needed to obtain the best results.
The treatment area needs to be heated to a certain level in order to become effective. This temperature is then maintained by the handset until enough energy has passed to the tissues to obtain a theraputic effect.


Accent RF Treatments in Cornwall


Accent® is a registered trademark.

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Accent RF treatment costs:



  • Whole face as part of course - £200 per session (4-6 sessions)
  • Whole face - one-off treatment - £250
  • Eye area - £150 per session (4-6 sessions)
  • Jawline - £150 per session (4-6 sessions)  



  • Body areas such as abdomen, buttocks, back of thighs - £200 for one area, £300 for two areas.





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